Sustainable Packaging and Materials

Recyclable tins or glass

Our loose leaf is packed in tins or glass that are recyclable and we also strongly recommend re-using them before disposing.


Totally degradable "Plastic" pouch

The inner pouch holding the loose-leaf tea is made using TDP technology.

TDPA™ innovative technology is not the ultimate or only solution to problems related to the prevalence of packaging materials in the environment, but it is an important tool to effectively reducing the proliferation of non-degradable plastics in our environment.

Very importantly, TDP’s production process is virtually identical to the unmodified products while retaining the same physical properties. This, coupled with their affordability, differentiates them from other types of biodegradable plastics so that they are readily adopted and provide these benefits to the greatest number of consumers and therefore to the environment.TDP™ products can be reused, recycled and then discarded. After been discarded, degradation starts. The degradation is carried out by a process of oxo-biodegradation, initiated by TDPA™ which reduces the molecular weight of the material over a pre – determined period from18 – 24 months. The plastic does not just fragment, but is consumed by micro-organisms after the additive has reduced the molecular weight. This process continues until the material has biodegraded to nothing more than CO2, water and bio mass.
TDP™ products fully comply with FDA requirements in the United State and the EFSA in Europe. With compliance to food contact requirements, TDP™ products could be applied to food contact applications such as food packaging and food cutlery.
According to ASTM D5272 Outdoor Exposure Testing, TDP™ bag has been gradually degrading after exposure to sunlight. After 55 days, it has obviously degraded into plastic fragments. In contrast, conventional bag has not degraded at all.

Unbleached cotton tea bags 

Did you know that most tea bags contain plastic? That was sure a sad surprise to us tea drinkers when we discovered that plastic invasion. Not just the pyramid-shaped nylon ones that releases billions of microplastic particles, but also the regular-looking ones enrobed in a soft paper-looking pouch. Such tea bags actually contain about 20-30% polypropylene plastic that can leach into your drinks while steeping. 

These unbleached cotton washable and reusable tea bags are 100% plastic-free. Simply fill, steep, and enjoy your plastic-free beverage!

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